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How It Works

Free Consultation

A one-to-one conversation is always the best way for us to understand exactly what you’re looking for. It’s completely free, with no obligation to proceed. The tone of the quiz is important, and so is the level of difficulty. The more we know about you, your guests and your event the better. We can do this via telephone or over an online video call.

Live Quiz


Although pre-records are techincally possible, most customers go for the live experience. The fun of real-time interaction is often where the magic lies. Mystery Mixtape dials into an online call - almost all major platforms are supported including Zoom, MS Teams and Google Chat - and our participant window becomes the show. We overlay all the graphics and sound FX right then and there. We also constantly interact with the chat window or any guests who decide to unmute and have a chat! Check out the demo quiz below.


Answers and Marking

As the show proceeds, participants can either write their answers down at home and then mark them for themselves when we go through the answers at the end OR we can provide an online web application that allows them to enter their answers online. Watch the video below to see how this works.

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