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Making conference calls events

Like everyone, I've had to adapt to the changing landscape of the events industry. I want to inject the same fun and energy into the virtual world that I have been doing for years in the real one...

Mystery Mixtape sits somewhere in the middle of a live musical performance and a classy pub quiz. In the virtual world, audiences need something more than just a musical performance; they need something to draw them in. Thus Mystery Mixtape was born...

It can sit anywhere from 'a bit of fun' to 'really quite challenging' depending on what a client wants. It is separated into rounds with different themes/flavours. Watch the demo video on the 'how it works' page to get an idea of the variety involved.

Jay Marsh

When I'm not being a virtual quizmaster, I play at all kinds of corporate and private events as part of my acoustic band The Herringbone Cocktail Club.

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