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We are very happy to work with clients to generate completely bespoke material for them but here are some fun rounds that work well on a Mystery Mixtape quiz...


We play a live intro to a song, stopping just before the lyrics begin and players have to identify the artist and song.

We play the music of one song but sing the lyrics of another over the top. Players have to identify both artists and both songs. The most brain-frying of the rounds!

We have asked Chat GPT to generate images of famous musical artists names or band names - you have to say what you see...

We play a song and then beep out a crucial lyric - for a simple point you need to name that omitted word!

We play a song that was famously featured in a film but instead of singing it, we kazoo it with gusto. Players have to identify the artist, song and film.

We play audio which are snippets of famous songs that have been ‘Doctored’ in some way (such as reversed, or time stretched, or pitch shifted, etc.). Players have to identify the original song and artist.

A picture round in which we have superimposed one famous artist’s face onto another famous artist’s body. Players have to identify both artists.

We end each quiz with a big mashup including 5 or more songs. Players have to identify as many songs/artists as possible AND identify the theme or year of release linking them all.

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